Marrying tradition, fashion, and elegance.  

Sarah Christie is a confident contemporary fashion designer, with strong heritage. Although she was born and raised in D.C., she has strong connections with her Bolivian culture, bringing it alive through her designs. 

My brand creates pieces using materials native to the Andes mountains: alpaca and llama. These high end textiles come in a range of colors, providing my clients with a personal touch to each and every product.


It is rare to meet a young designer who is both rooted and free to innovate. Sara Christie is a brand focused on women today: Elegant, tenacious, fearlessly facing the challenges of modern life, but with an appreciation for the classic styles .... A woman who keeps attracting eyes.

Sarah Christie’s boundless imagination builds on tradition, and she works closely to create modern collections that are elegant and assertive, yet sensual and approachable, all impeccably crafted in playful, minimalist silhouettes. These garments are a manifestation of an engaged, evolving identity, deep connection to craft, and a life full of vision.


2725 29th st. NW 

Washington D.C. 20007

Tel: (202) 497-8818